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Ten Games to Play With Wheelbarrow Walking

Wheelbarrow walking is a great upper body and trunk strengthening tool, and it is easy to incorporate it into a game. When wheelbarrow walking, you are strengthening your arms and your trunk since you have to activate a co-contraction through your whole body to maintain the wheelbarrow position. It is a great heavy work activity, […]

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Sticker Squash Game

This is a game that was submitted by a therapist, Marie Logan, OTR/L. It is a simple game that is played on paper, and it is similar to the game Battleship.  During the game, you work on eye hand coordination and hand positioning, challenge diffierent grasp, and work on visual motor skills. Set Up: • […]

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Favorite Activities to Work on Shoulder Girdle Strengthening

The shoulder girdle is very important in the functioning of the arms and the hands.  In order to use your hands efficiently, you need to have strong, stable shoulders for your arms to work off of.  Kids need to be able to easily reach up against gravity and to reach out for objects.  It is […]

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Can we practice handwriting without a pencil, please?

Let me start by saying that I’m probably one of the few pediatric occupational therapists who needs help with arts and crafts!  No, seriously!  I am so thankful for the many wonderful websites and blogs whose authors share some of the most incredible activity ideas with me!  And, Pinterest?  Well, I’m not really sure what […]

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Swimming for Letters

I played with foam letters with the kids in school where we rolled the dice and then fed the letters to the Munchy Ball, and now that it is summer, we took the game to the pool so that we could swim for the letters. The fun foam letters float, so it makes it easy […]