Bug Splat Race Clothespin Games

I was searching for small rolling toys to use in a game and I came across these Cars Micro Drifters. They didn’t work for the game I was looking to use them for, but they were the perfect size and have a roller ball under them, so they move exactly the way I wanted them to, and I had to get them and then work out how I was going to use them. They were so perfect for my therapy {Read More}

Simple matching with clothespins

This is a very simple activity that is easily used with a scooterboard or other motor activity.  You start with clothespins at one end of the room with numbers written on them.  The child attaches the clothespins to the bottom of their shirt.  You could have a ribbon for them to attach them to if you want.  Then the student must get on the scooterboard and go down to the other end of the room where there is a paper {Read More}

Big mouth creature for feeding pom poms to

I saw this cute little creature on Pinterest, but it originally came from a blog called The Preschool Experiment.  He was so easy to make, and adds some fun to placing objects into a container. He is made out of a clean parmesan cheese container, and all he needs is pom pom eyes with googly eyes glued on.  I recommend using hot glue or another strong glue because they can pop off easily.  We then fed squinkies to the frog {Read More}

Frog clothespin animal for finger strength

I saw a picture of wooden frog pieces glued onto a clothespin on pinterest, and I thought that it was a great idea, and that I needed to make one for kids to play with when working with Clothespins and finger strengthening. I made the frog picture in photoshop, and then cut him in half.  I then used a low temp glue gun and glued the separate halves onto the clothespin.  I then glued a piece of pipe cleaner along {Read More}

Easy Clothespin Board made with Hot glue and sheet protector

This week as I was driving to work, I came up with a way to make the clothespin frame for the games using much more accessible supplies. I had thought of this one before, but thought that it might not work, and might be too difficult, but I was wrong. It works well, and it is much easier to make than the board made from plastic or foam core. This one is simpler, and the materials needed are easy to {Read More}