Sentence Memory for Copying

I have a group of three students who have trouble copying sentences from the board in class. When we did some practice during therapy, it turned out that the kids could not remember the words that they were trying to copy, so they were copying the words one letter at a time, and did not really even know what they were copying. They needed an activity to work on helping them to remember the words in the sentences, as well {Read More}

Copying From The Board

I have some students that have trouble copying from the board during class.  When practicing this, I noticed that they are copying letter by letter rather than writing a whole word.  This means that they write a letter, look up at the board, write a letter, look at the board, write another letter, etc.  I tried writing a sentence on the board and covering each word up with paper.  I then uncovered one word at a time, covered it back {Read More}