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Pizza Delivery Game For Following Directions

I wanted to do some direction following and learning right and left, as well as memory, so I created a pizza delivery game. This game uses a floor road map that I made, and writing out and following the directions to get to different houses…
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Hanging on a Trapeze Swing

The trapeze swing is basically bar with two chains or ropes going up on each side to a center point to form a triangle, then a single rope going up to the swing mount. The benefit of this configuration is that the trapeze can swing around in…
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Making Letters With Playdoh

I have a couple little guys that always try to make the tail of the lower case g come down from the middle of the g. We practice it, we talk about it, and they are doing it right, then next time I see them, they are back to doing it the old…
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An Interesting Sleep Aid

Sleep is so important and many of the kids that we work with have a lot of difficulty with sleep. I will tell you about Lucy, a teenager, who started having trouble falling asleep. It can take her upwards of four hours to fall asleep, and the…
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Happy Caterpillar writing

I usually do activities that incorporate multiple skills into the task, and love it when we are writing and the kids have to write positive things. So I made the happy caterpillar. The kids have to write something they like about themselves…
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Current Monthly Specials

Labor day weekend is upon us, and Munchy Balls are on sale just through the holiday. Time to get yours and enjoy them all year long. You can find them at both therapy fun zone, and on therapy fun store. The membership community is where I…

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